Failing the Test of Scripture (by Nolan Guilbeau)

October 25, 2007

by Nolan Guilbeau Published in The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World
℅ Shawn Brasseaux

In July 2007, the world community witnessed a news event, a message from Rome, the city of seven hills, the seat of the “universal church.” From the highest echelon of leadership of this religious entity came a proclamation before the world community, of being the only true Christian church with the only true Christians. Its dogmas/doctrines indeed teach it to be the only means of eternal salvation for the human soul and all others outside this “universal church” are lost to eternal damnation. Good grief! Love thy neighbor, please?

I suppose from its perspective of believing it still reigns supreme in this world as THE spiritual entity, it likens itself to the proverbial giant elephant standing where it wills, immovable, and, at will trampling underfoot whom it wishes as it did during the period of history called the Dark Ages. Examining the purpose and validity of this recent proclamation of such a brazen statement, begs the question for answers in view that many of its doctrines are foreign to the Scriptures of truth, the Bible, and cannot be substantiated with any Biblical authority. Nevertheless, this religious system professes TO BE the all exclusive power/authority for the deliverance of an individual’s soul to either eternal salvation or eternal damnation. Is this claim a monopoly on scriptural truth?

In light of sound Scriptural doctrine, the church Reformers of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries believed many of this universal church’s teachings were at best heretical and blasphemous. The Reformers took issue resulting with many being martyred through the centuries. In opposition to erroneous doctrines and persecutions by Rome’s religious hierarchy (a theocracy?), reformers prevailed in many areas of their endeavors breaking the bonds of this religious tyranny. The world community once again experienced, to some degree, the light of the Scriptures with restored religious freedom to worship according to the core doctrines of Scripture—that’s Christianity!

This “universal church” of Rome has proclaimed its supremacy throughout the centuries and over the world with a motto of “Semper Eadem” (“always the same”). Nevertheless, the annals of recorded secular history of the affairs of this religious system records its acts of ruthlessness, barbarism, inhumanity, tyranny that endured for many centuries, as well as the moral decadence evident even in present times. Bible believing Christians were mainly the ones who suffered under the rule of this reprehensible religious hierarchy. It was a quest for supreme power and control by the sword or burning at the stake or any means to force conversion and total allegiance to its institution. Apparently relentless in their atrocities against millions of innocent people, ever searching to destroy the free will and minds of the godly who dared oppose the stench of Rome’s religious hierarchy. For over 1200 years these atrocities reigned in the name of Christianity! Or was it pseudo Christianity? Solid historical facts are unimpeachable!

Today, with its temporal powers weakened largely as a result of the actions of the Reformers this same “universal church” wears a different mask before the world community. Cleverly it obscures to some extent its real character and political aims. Beware; it is a pit-dominant force behind world ecumenism. Ecumenism’s goal is to unite all church denominations or globalization under its leadership and render supreme control again to this Roman “universal church” hierarchy. (Always the same goals of conquer and rule). True Bible-believing Christians are to be discerning concerning church leaders—using the Scriptures to determine whether they are true Christians of the Scriptures, or false teachers!!