Halloween 2006 – The Satanic Nature of “Harmless” Halloween

October 19, 2006

by Shawn Brasseaux

It is that time of year again—when Satan is honored and when God is disgraced! For centuries, people have celebrated Halloween. When one thinks of Halloween, he or she usually thinks about well-meaning children dressed in costumes collecting treats. It seems like an innocent holiday, but the 31st of October is actually the most Satanic of all “holidays.” We fail to realize that this holiday has evil roots, yet people continue to celebrate it as something harmless and fun.



Early Halloween celebrations can be traced back to the Druids (Celts), who lived some 2,000 years ago in modern-day England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. On the night of October 31, Celts worshipped their false gods and sacrificed animals and humans. One of their gods was Samhain, or the lord of death (thus, Halloween is also known as “Samhain”).

On this night, Druids would travel throughout the countryside going door-to-door and collecting offerings for sacrifices. If a household could not afford to give an offering, this would result in the castration of a male family member or of a prized male animal. Around 1848-1849, millions migrated to escape the Great Potato Famine, and these immigrants from Europe brought their pagan festival to our nation (American). Eventually, Halloween was “Christianized” by the pope and now people no longer recognize the link between Halloween and Satanism.

Today’s version of Halloween—a condensation of “All (Hallow)’s (E)v(en)”—seems like a game; people say it is just for fun, so it cannot be harmful. God clearly does not see Halloween as a game: it is sin because it downgrades the worship of Satan and evil.

In modern Satanism, October 31st is the night when Satan fellowships with his followers. Real witches use this night to talk to the dead, and offer sacrifices to their false gods (including their god Satan). Occults use the holiday of Halloween to commit their heinous acts, but Halloween’s evil traditions have been masked by Satan. He has used “All Saints’ Day” (on November 1) to coincide a Satanic event with a holiday related to some churches. This is why people no longer recognize Halloween as being Satanic. Religion makes Halloween look so innocent!!!



How did costumes become associated with Halloween? The Druids dressed up in costumes so that the evil spirits would not recognize them. Trick-or-treating developed from the fact that the Druids went from house to house, collecting everything from food to money (the treats). If a household refused to provide gifts, or could not afford to give something, the house would be burned and the men would be castrated (this was the trick!).

What about the jack-o’-lantern? The jack-o’-lantern (more common here in the United States than the turnips used elsewhere) is an ancient symbol of condemned souls. Supposedly, a man named Jack tricked Satan. Neither heaven nor hell would take Jack, so his soul is forced to roam earth with a lantern in hand. The jack-o’-lantern is used to ward off evil spirits—but it actually attracts them! And the black cats? Black cats are believed to be humans who were damned and transformed into cats. Some thought black cats as witches or spirits in disguise. What about the apple bobbing? Bobbing for apples is related to the Roman goddess of fruit trees who was symbolized by the apple. Halloween is nothing but a mish-mash of pagan and superstitious elements!



Although the Bible does not mention the word “Halloween,” the Bible does advise us that we should not participate in the events for which Halloween is known (that is, Satan worship).

God forbade the Jews from worshipping pagan gods and/or evil spirits (Exodus 20:3). God commanded, in the Old Testament, that witches be put to death (Exodus 22:18). Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 20:6, and Deuteronomy 18:10-14 show us that God despises sorcery, wizardry, and fortune telling (called “divination”). Christianity and the occult are not compatible (Acts 8:9-24). In Acts 19:19, after pagans received salvation through Jesus Christ, they came and burned their “curious arts” (witchcraft) books.

God tells that we should “cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light” (Romans 13:12). How does Halloween even honor God? It does not. Does honoring God’s enemy (Satan) honor God? Nope. Would you see Jesus dressed up in a costume trick-or-treating in your neighborhood? I do not think so! (Unless of course, it was the “Jesus” of religion of 2 Corinthians 11:3,4!!)

Halloween has a dark side, and we need to realize that it is not a fun time for kids to eat candy! We are telling kids that “mingling with darkness” is “fun.” Satan can have his fun on October 31, but he has an even better time waiting for him in the eternal future—the lake of fire! I like to think of Halloween as the “day of assessment.” It is on October 31 that we truly see who merely claims to follow the Bible versus who actually follows the Bible. Many claim to “love the Lord,” and yet they participate in activities that Christians should have no part. Bring not reproach to our Saviour’s name—avoid Halloween. It is it not Christian at all.