Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Church Reformers (by Nolan Guilbeau)

October 25, 2007

by Nolan Guilbeau Published in The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World
℅ Shawn Brasseaux

Were the church Reformers of the fifteenth and sixteenth century “justified” in opposing and separating themselves from the religious system in Rome, a.k.a. the “universal church?” Even in our modem times it is apparent to many that sound Biblical doctrines and values are under relentless attack. Just listen to the outcry of “liberal” spiritual leaders enjoined with their many unbelieving counterparts speak and admonish their audiences including genuine Christians to practice “tolerance” towards others of “different faiths.” To “tolerate” whether or not their beliefs are compatible and meet the criteria of sound Biblical doctrine. What a travesty with this kind of mindset, for many are being seduced and convinced this is righteous and acceptable.

According to Biblical accounts, Jesus was compassionate towards the human race, His creation, but He did not “tolerate” heresy and sin. He addressed it. Christ did not “tolerate” the money changers and thieves in the temple nor some of the many “traditions” practiced and taught by the religious sect of the Pharisees of His day. According to Jesus many of these “traditions” violated and voided God’s commandments and were regarded as heresy due to their flawed theology, with them remaining unresponsive to His correction. Christ further amplified the latter by calling those who practiced and taught such heresies, white-washed tombs, having a great outward appearance to behold before the world community but inwardly full of emptiness and decay; worthless!

Solid historical facts of the past centuries reveal many spurious, deceiving doctrines perpetrated on the world community by this one “universal church,” many occurring in a time period known as the Dark Ages. The persecution of true Christian believers, which were reviled and treated as the lowest criminals by this “universal church” remains as a bloody testimony today against their dark deeds of inhumanity. And if it were the true Christian believers, as history testifies who were brutalized, burned, scourged and murdered for their faith in Bible doctrines, then who is, and of what faith and doctrinal belief system is this “universal church?”

The church Reformers and martyrs of those centuries finally restored to the world community the glorious gospel of Christ of the Scriptures and specifically the grand doctrine of justification by faith in Christ alone. And many other discoveries of erroneous doctrines/dogmas of this “universal church” came through the light of Scripture to the world community.

Today’s genuine Christian, born of the Spirit of God, should speak out upholding Biblical doctrines and principals, exposing blasphemous heresy and untruths as they appear. There is a saying history repeats itself. God forbid that we are once again entering a frightful pre-Reformation period. Yes, today’s Christian is to be vigilant, responsive to preserve the One Faith of the Scriptures that millions of history died to protect. To defend against modern day religion(s) that would deny and not adhere to core tenets of true Christianity of the Scriptures. This claim by this one “universal church” of being the only true Christians as presented through the media recently is confrontational, deceiving, condescending, maligning and defrauds Christianity and the members of the true body of Christ!