Halloween 2008 – Halloween is Not “Make-Believe”

by Shawn Brasseaux
Published in The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World

Halloween is the time of year when the devil is most pleased. Satan already has most of the world’s adults fooled; now he is hard at work brainwashing the naïve, new generations.

Halloween is literally shrouded in darkness: young trick-or-treaters mingle with the devilish forces, adding to the fact that these people are already spiritually blinded. Provided that you do an internet search as to the origins of Halloween, you begin to realize that October 31 is the night when members of the occult communicate with what they claim are “dead spirits” (they are not spirits of dead people; the Bible actually calls them devils).

Did you realize that, nearly two millennia ago, the Druids sacrificed humans to their pagan gods on the night of October 31? On this night, Druids would travel through the countryside and collect door-to-door offerings for sacrifices. If a household could not afford to give an offering, this would result in the castration of a male family member or of a prized male animal. Circa 1848, millions of Druids immigrated to escape the Great Potato Famine, and these newcomers from Europe brought their pagan festival to America. Eventually, Halloween was “Christianized” by the pope. What kind of Christian leader would compromise with the devil? If we know our Bibles, we know the answer (2 Timothy 3:5).

If you do not think that the devil is fighting hard against God, you are unfamiliar with two obvious truths. Firstly, have you ever read Ephesians 6:11-20? Secondly, have you ever visited the Daily World’s online forum in the Voices and Views section shortly after the publication of letters submitted by Nolan Guilbeau and me? I see the childish, derogatory remarks typed by anti- Christian voices, and I know they passionately hate the Lord God that Brother Guilbeau and I serve. So what if they rant, but let us remember that even the scoffer will one day confess Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:11).

If you collect can goods for the poor on Halloween, you are applauded. Sing “Joy to the World” from door to door while collecting toys at Christmas and you would be despised. How sad and pitiful. “What communion has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14). Be sure to look at the online forum after you read this letter, and see the satanic forces rebut and deny these truths.

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