Beware of False, Flawed Theology (by Nolan Guilbeau)

by Nolan Guilbeau Published in The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World
℅ Shawn Brasseaux

Early American history reflects consensus by our founding fathers in defining, writing, administering the body of laws of the U. S. Constitution in governing ‘we the people.’ Agreement was largely because of their heritage and practice of Judeo-Christian values set forth in the Bible. Likewise, the established church espoused the unwavering truth of the gospel. This was the binding factor bringing together God-reverencing leaders with the populace to exalt and worship the Lord Jesus Christ of the Scriptures.

Today, observing the abundance of church denominations including some mega-churches, draw/entice followers with a mixture of professing diverse creeds to entertainment, sensationalism and the assured promise of prosperity. Many follow the drumbeat of this blasphemous ecumenism led by the World Council of Churches and Roman Catholicism.

Unfortunately some carrying the label of ‘evangelical’ with roots in the Reformation are now willing participants in this heretical/apostate movement, ultimately leading the world community closer to a one world church prophesied in Scripture. Most of them preach an ear-tickling social gospel dancing in concert to the music of ecumenism. Their flawed theology and philosophy resounds, “It doesn’t matter what you believe doctrinally, come dine, waltz with the assembly in brotherhood of L-O-V-E.” They partake of the strong delusional wine of ecumenism boasting of spiritual maturity ‘tolerance,’ drunk with notoriety before the world community. Rather, they’re spiritually blinded to a “tolerance of error” departing from Scriptural doctrines, to another gospel, leading to the destruction of many. The apostle Paul begs Christians to be “like minded” in unity with the Gospel of the Grace of God, for Christ is not divided (I Corinthians 1:10, 13).

This activity cannot be rightfully labeled Christian worship since much of the associated practices incorporate the compromising of sound Biblical doctrines. It’s an unholy alliance/union with the spirit of antichrist, a symbol of opposition to God’s kingdom representing oppression and captivity.

English preacher C. H. Spurgeon stated, “We (Christians) must fight the Lord’s battles against great errors. Fight the Lord’s battles even though it is an error that is in the Evangelical church, we must smite it.”

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