Beware of False Bibles!

Shawn Brasseaux
Published in
The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World

For 2,000 years now, the Word of God has been complete. Satan, using unimaginable stealth, has attacked God’s completed Word, but even most professing Christians are totally unaware. Sadly, we have highly skilled theologians and Bible “scholars” who intentionally avoid these facts so they keep their funds and popularity. Almost everyone has been deprived of this information, but I want you to know it. Keep this in mind, and never forget it; tell others, please.

Satan uses many methods to shift your focus away from Jesus Christ, the God-man. Back in Genesis 3, Satan was “subtle, crafty, sly,” and he has not changed a bit. Satan is the master counterfeiter, using innocent-looking works-religion, emotions, and philosophy to lead mankind away from God’s truth. Satan knew that if he could pollute God’s Word, we would have nothing reliable to use to discern truth from lies.

The devil is so intelligent and stealthy he actually recruited men, Roman Catholic “church fathers,” to fabricate false Bible manuscripts. Since the 1881 Revised Version, Satan has overseen the production of 100 English Bible versions based on these corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts. Satan knew that if he could multiply the number of counterfeit Bibles, it would become increasingly difficult to find the true Bible, and this is exactly what he did! Yes, without a doubt, the wave of new English Bible translations these past 150 years is one of the devil’s means of misleading!

The majority of the surviving 5,000 Koine Greek New Testament manuscripts support the King James Bible, whereas only one percent of those manuscripts disagree with the KJV. It is this corrupt one percent of manuscripts that supports NIV, NASB, NKJV, et al.; hence their footnotes “some manuscripts have….” Modern Bible editors are dishonest; they hide the fact that most manuscripts do not have those readings.

Still, the common man and even the seminary graduate will most often never be told any of this. If this information is new to you, and it probably is, why not ask your priest or pastor why he never told you this? I have been accused of being a “KJV fanatic.” Well, at least I am not an “Alexandrian fanatic.” Get an Authorized Version King James Bible, and stick with it for the rest of your life.

2 Responses to Beware of False Bibles!

  1. Patsy Mason says:

    My husband and I spent months studying out where our bible came from and we discovered what you have. the King James Bible is accurate and trustworthy to study. Thank God we have it. God bless your work.

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