Mardi Gras – Whom Shall We Serve? (by Nolan Guilbeau)

by Nolan Guilbeau Published in The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World
℅ Shawn Brasseaux

Many have misconceptions about the reality of good versus evil; that good and evil can co-exist without conflict or consequence. Apparently the masses have become so desensitized to intemperance, unleashing waves of unwholesome practices and activities permeating society and creating conditions to spiritual, moral meltdowns. The ungodly philosophy of existentialism—“if it feels good, do it”—flourishes in our modern world. Today’s standards intimidate Christians to be of this same mindset, to condone that which denigrates God’s dignity.

Case in point is the celebration of Mardi Gras. It has religious roots with its origins in Latin, Greek pagan rituals and Rome as Lupercalia for the fertility pagan god Luperus. It was “christianized,” sanctioned by the Roman church, and renamed Lent. Official Roman Catholic publication, Externals of the Catholic Church, states on page 156, “It is interesting to note how often ‘our’ church has availed herself of practices which were in common use among pagans.” “Writers of the fourth century were prone to describe many practices (i.e. The Lenten Fast of Forty Days) as Apostolic institutions which certainly had no claim to be so regarded” (Catholic Encyclopedia, III, page 484 & Externals of the Catholic Church, page 141). There was no such thing as “Lent” in the New Testament Church!

Amazingly many of the media sources are in the forefront with widespread support portraying this event as glorious. Promoting celebrations invoking imaginary characters, giving honorable status to Greek/Roman mythological false gods such as Bacchus, Dionysus, with a philosophy symbolizing drunkenness, revelry, debauchery, wine and orgies, as well as Hephaestus god of fire, Venus, Zeus, Jupiter and others, as deity and royalty is offensive to Christians.

Much of the media acclaims this garbage newsworthy and presents it with the deceptive pretense of a celebration of worth. What redeeming value does this spectacle contribute to society? Its origin is the spirit of antichrist carrying a sordid image. Mardi Gras isn’t an event for Christians. What travesty to continue degrading societal values for fun, excitement and that filthy lucre. Responsibility for boundaries of human behavior and values has collapsed.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

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