Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras 2010

Valentine’s Day 2010
by Shawn Brasseaux
[13 February 2010]

As with Halloween, Valentine’s Day is a pagan holiday supposedly “Christianized” by a Roman Catholic pope. Establishing the origin of Valentine’s Day is quite difficult because there were at least three “Christian” martyrs with the name Valentine. However, history tells us that, in A.D. 496, one Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as a holy day, possibly to commemorate Valentine’s death in A.D. 270. In fact, the History Channel’s website ( says some people attribute Valentine’s Day as a “Christianization” of the Lupercalia festival (a pagan fertility festival dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture, Faunus). Lupercalia is also related to the pagan celebrations Mardi Gras and Lent, which we will discuss shortly.

Roman priests, to initiate the celebration of Lupercalia, would sacrifice a goat (for fertility) and a dog (for purification). This blood was superstitiously rubbed on the women to grant them fertility in the coming year. Also in ancient Rome, the young single women’s names were placed into an urn. The bachelors of the city would pick names, and this “lottery” would determine who would be paired with whom for the next year. Modern-day Valentine’s Day reflects this practice of mating and couples. Valentine’s Day is simply a pagan holiday, courtesy of the Roman Catholic Church—neither this church nor this day is to be called “Christian.” This should not be taken casually, dear brethren.

Why do you need a pagan holiday to tell your husband or your wife (or your other loved ones) that you love them? Should you not be doing that all year round? Why not do special things for your spouse several times a year, rather than once? Ultimately, pagan celebrations rob us of our true identity in Christ. We are a sanctified people, a “set apart” entity called to be the ambassadors for the risen Christ. Our lives should be reflecting God’s grace, but there is nothing godly about Valentine’s Day. It smacks contrary to the Bible. Upon doing research, I no longer commemorate Valentine’s Day.

So, as a grace believer, what should you do? The Bible is quite clear that as members of the Church the Body of Christ, we are not bound by legalism. However, it is my conviction that Valentine’s Day is not to be commemorated by any grace believer. You are at liberty to do as you feel led, but at least you can now make an informed decision based on facts.

Read more about the history of Valentine’s Day from the following secular source:


Mardi Gras 2010 – Mardi Gras Revelry is a Sin
by Shawn Brasseaux

Published in
The (Opelousas, Louisiana) Daily World
[5 February 2010]

As you probably know, Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday.” Prior to Lenten fasting, people eat rich and fatty foods. Now, before you condemn me as being judgmental, do the research, and see if what I say is so. I never claim to be perfect, as I am no better than anyone else, but someone has got to stand up for what is right. Analyzing the Carnival Season in light of the Scriptures, one concludes that those activities are a disgrace to God. I challenge all Christians who stand against Mardi Gras to write to the Daily World and stand up for the Lord.

“Let the good times roll” perfectly sums up the Mardi Gras season. With all restraints removed, and “guaranteed forgiveness” at confession on Ash Wednesday, revelers become drunken and riotous on Fat Tuesday. Quite frankly, you sin all you want on Mardi Gras, and then you “repent” the next day. Is God pleased with this, especially when the cycle continues annually?

After every parade, our streets are filled with litter, and yet no one is fined? People who want to remain anonymous wear costumes and masks, yet God knows who they are. Some people wear practically nothing in all the excitement, yet very few people complain. Certainly, the Ten Commandments prove that man is sinful. Those who claim to keep the Law break it every Carnival Season, but there is never any shame. The festivities are broadcast on television as if it is something to be honored and condoned. And we wonder why our moral fabric is rotting?

There is nothing wrong with having fun, but “religious revelry” is an oxymoron. Christians promoting pagan practices just does not seem to make sense. God’s grace has tolerated Mardi Gras revelry all these years now. Everything rebellious mankind does has already been forgiven in the person and crosswork of the Lord Jesus Christ, but we are never to use grace as a license to sin (Romans 6:1,2,14,15). Should you participate in Mardi Gras activities? The choice is yours, but God has already made up His mind that revelry is a sin (Galatians 5:21). “Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good” (Romans 12:9b).

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